"Become a Patron" button not directing to the right pledge level


I’m using the Pro version to lock parts of posts. I usually lock it for level 2 or level 3 pledges ($5 and $10 respectively). However, I’ve learned that when new users click the button and sign up, they get redirected to level 1 pledge on Patreon checkout. That becomes a bit confusing for some of them…

I assume that the plugin shouldn’t work like that and it should directly set the pledge level according to how I’ve locked a post, correct?

See a post where I saw that problem occurring: https://eslbrains.com/lets-be-better-educators/

As far as i know, this is a known issue and Patreon is looking at it, starting next week…

Thanks for info! Do they have any ETA or open ticket for that which I can follow? I’m having some annoyed users coming back to me as they get (rightly) confused so want to know when it’s fixed

I was just informed that this has been fixed, and i was able to test it myself.

You can check out your site whether it works with the fix now.

Yeah, it works! Thanks for update

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