Expired membership still can access locked content

My test member’s (Patreon account that I used to subscribe to my Patreon to test) membership ended today, but it can still access the tier it was subscribed to via the “refresh” button (browser’s refresh doesn’t take it to the authorization page), it does on every browser (even freshly installed, no cookies or cache to blame)
Tried reconnecting the plugin, still the same
EDIT: the problem was resolved by itself today (December 3)

Having the same issue with my own testing account, including having refunded and blocked it but the account still has access using the “Refresh this page” button.
I’m wondering:

  1. How often does the plugin refresh its Tier information?
  2. Do Declined and Free patrons who previously had access still get access?
    I saw in a previous ticket that Declined patrons had access but there didn’t seem to be a conclusion to that thread.

Hey there-- I want to check in and see if I can offer any help as this is an issue I’m concerned about as well! Does your server store cached versions of your site? I know you mentioned clearing browser cookies, but that miiight also have something to do with it.

Today the problem was resolved by itself and I don’t know what caused the problem and most importantly - what resolved it.
I had turned off caching first thing when I was building the site and setting the hosting, so the server has no cached versions, and I don’t have any caching or backup plugins.

I’m guessing it was just waiting for declined payments to fully process before revoking access the same way discord does which takes 3 days after the start of the month.
I’m curious if this is the case then would this only affect campaigns with Monthly billing instead of 30-day billing? I would still like to know how often Patreon updates patron status and whether or not declined/free patrons are able to access locked posts on Wordpress

The patrons have 2-3 days of grace period in which their payments are retried. In this period, they are treated as patrons from their existing tier. If their payment still did not succeed after this period ends, their status is updated to former patron and they lose their access.

As for caches - you may not have any cache plugin at your site or a CDN in the front, but your host may have a server-side cache active regardless of you know or not. Asking your host and confirming that would make things easier to understand.