Unable to unlock content for Patrons

After purchasing the Patreon Pro Plugin, I tried to set up a test page with Patreon restrictions and I could not access it with my test Patreon account. Similar issues to many others, I have “Unlock with Patreon” > Allow > Directed to page (still locked) > “Refresh to access this content” > Allow > Directed to page (still locked)

With the tips from this forum, I have:

  • Reconnected Patreon API via Connection Details
  • Deactivated and remove all Caching plugins
  • Clear local browser cache
  • Patreon test account is > 2 months old (Can’t be 1st of the month charging issue)

At this stage, I’m using another membership plugin ARMember to manage my content restrictions. I’m quite lost at what to do now and I’m not great with computer/coding stuff. Please assist as layman as possible.

Did you try it from a different browser?

Such situations can easily result from a browser or even the ISP caching content for a time.

Also, you may have disabled caching plugins, but your host may have server-side caching.

Patron Pro already has a VIP or Custom $ level member feature when you go to a user’s profile info at WP admin. You can also use that to work around such situations by assigning the correct $ levels to patrons until problems are fixed.