Password protected page + Patreon Login working together?

I gave it a try the Patreon plugin, and it seems decent for now (I was losing my mind with API, php commands and Zapier). My main goal was to find a way my Woocommerce could detect my Patreon members, so they could access a secret club password protected and buy products according to their pledges.

As of right now I have 3 tiers for Woocommerce purposes: simple tier (don’t have access to the secret club but receive other rewards), medium tier (have access to the secret club while active) and premium tier (have permanent access to the club + happy birthday discounts regardless if they are active or not in Patreon - something I have to manually check).

Is there a way Patreon plugin doesn’t disable the WP password protected setting from a specific page while using the Patreon plugin with a certain level?

Whenever I edit the secret club settings with “only visible for a certain Patreon tier and up” (which is fantastic) it also disables the WP password protected page form, which limit access to the premium tiers who paid a lot for a certain time and are inactive members. I would like to have flexibility on that part (enter WP password or login with Patreon) part not break my mind fetching my patrons manually and updating the users system.

That’s a rather advanced use case. Are you using the free plugin or Patron Plugin Pro?

I’m using the free version, but was hoping to disable something via function.php commands. If not, I might have to drop the plugin and manually check the active members and delete them in time.

The plugins are compatible with Paid Memberships Pro and the content can be unlocked by both plugins, but Woocommerce specifically is not supported at the moment.

The password protection setting being overridden is a bit odd though - how does that happen? The password protection check is never applied or it is applied but circumvented?

I’m not sure what happens or what commands execute that disable my password-protected page. I’m not sure what you mean with circumvented, the page itself uses the WordPress password protection option (no plugin). When the password protection is applied, and I chose the Patreon tier (which one can access that page specifically), the Patreon login button appears but the protected-post-form simple cease to exist. It doesn’t appear in the Google inspection.

I can share the page to you privately for inspection!

This is what I see when I’m logged in vs. the previous one using another account (not administrator, but as another regular member) via incognito.

This looks like the Patreon locking is triggering first. Then, the WP password protection. This is normal behavior in such a setup.

Making these two work together would require code changes at your site. If the number of users requiring password-protected access without Patreon access is low, you can get away with it by using Patron Plugin Pro’s “Custom Patreon Levels” feature by giving those users that custom level. That would allow them to access the content without having to have Patreon accounts.

Well in my case is a requisite for users to have a Patreon account to access the secret club. The only tier that doesn’t require an active pledge after spending a huge sum is the last one (Tutti frutti - even if they have permanent access to the club and happy birthday discounts, and still deactivate their membership with me, they still need to make a purchase to get those benefits in my store). Still, anyone who wants to access must have a Patreon account (member record purposes) and pledge a tier.

You can just use the total historic pledge field in ‘Advanced’ menu under the Patreon Level metabox for that? If you set $15 in that field, any patron who ever paid $15 to you in total, will be able to access the content even if they are not a patron anymore.

Ok gonna try that alternative.

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