Patreon Plugin with Woocommerce

The Patreon plugin blocks the regular description of a page/product. Unfortunately, my site places the ‘Add to Cart’ button in short description. How can I configure the plugin to block the short-description of my site? Even just the button itself would be fine.

Currently there is no Woo related functionality in PW. But you can implement what you seek using the below code:

I appreciate your constant help. I really do. However, the problem with this solution is that it is not dynamic enough. (Or at least it doesn’t seem to be based on my limited knowledge of code) I have a loads of products that are public, some that are patron only, and then others that are only for higher tier patrons. I want all of the products visible so that people know what they are missing by not being a patron. So, how do I implement that using the code listed above?

Ideally, I just hide the Add to Cart div, but I can’t differentiate between patrons and higher tier patrons with a static number. If there was a way to shift the focus of the plugin to block the Add to Cart div instead of its current target, that would be IDEAL.

Indeed, that code would only lock for a given $ value or tier and could not be adopted to check for different tiers to lock different products (or prod categories) without code modification

Im thinking about releasing a Woo related premium addon via Codebard to accomplish these, but when it may come (in a span of month or months) is not certain.

For now you could use that code by adding an array with your product categories and modify the check in the code to apply different $ levels by checking those categories.

Thanks, but I created a work-around where I include a coupon to redeem the product for free in the area that is controlled by the Patreon Wordpress app. Wish I had thought about that earlier.

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Yep, manual but that could work.