💡 Patreon WordPress locking options guide

Can you arrange a (new) admin account and mail its credentials to ozgur@c.patreon.com so i can see this on-site? That account should be deleted after the debugging is complete.

Hello! So, I have a question but I think I may know the answer, but just want to be sure.

On my site, I am posting books that will be for Patrons at a certain tier and above. I am using a plugin for this (BookPress Pro) and when I create a new book, it asks me on the side for the Patron level, which I choose.

Then, as I add each piece (cover, copyright, TOC, chapter, etc.) it also asks me to choose the Patron level.

Now, do I have to keep putting in the Patron level for each piece? Or since the main book setup has the level selected, should each piece then default to that level?

I guess if you can see this page and flip through the pages of the embedded book, that would answer my question! lol

Thanks so much!

I’ve had this same issue from the very beginning - and I’ve been using the plugin for about a year.

My tiers don’t show up at all - it says I don’t have tiers for this campaign, whatever that means.

Even if I set a precise amount and go back to double check, it will randomly reset back to zero and unlock my posts, without warning. I have to regularly go back and make sure to re-input the precise amount (since selecting tiers isn’t even an option) to keep non-patrons from viewing the content.

Then, as I add each piece (cover, copyright, TOC, chapter, etc.) it also asks me to choose the Patron level.

PW allows you to lock any post from post type.This means that if a plugin or a theme treats some attributes for something as post types, then those also will have the gating option added by PW.

Ie, apparently the plugin you use treats various properties of ‘book’ post type as different post types. Cover, copyright, TOC etc seem to be recorded as post types. This would end up all of them being offered the option to be locked.

You shouldnt need to lock all of those. Just locking the final ‘book’ posts may accomplish what you need. But if any particular element of that book also needs gating like ‘chapter’ etc, you may lock them separately as well.

The page you linked gives a 404 error. Additionally, it seems to be using non pretty permalinks.

Patreon WordPress requires pretty permalinks to be turned on.

This is a very odd situation you got there Raising.

Which version of the plugin are you using?

Can you try updating to the latest version, and then manually deleting the app created for it at apps page below:

And then you can delete the saved client details in Connections section in ‘Patreon Settings’.

This will allow you to reconnect your site to Patreon using ‘Connect’ button that will appear there.