Had to reset patreon tier levels on every post after starting a new import


I recently installed the plugin on my site and it hasn’t been automatically importing new posts, despite having that option checked in settings. Because of this, I started a new import. The new posts came in, but all of my old posts reset to locked at only $1. Specifically, the tier level on every post was set to my lowest tier ($3), but then an exact amount of $1 was set in the box where you can set a specific amount. I had to manually go through and change each post to the proper tier. Any idea why this is? I don’t want to have to do this every time I make a new post.

Ah yes, this is because Patreon api does not support tier levels so we have to make it $1 when we import.

This can be fixed though. You just set the proper tiers for your posts and wait for the new version without starting a new import. The new version will fix the problem.

You can now upgrade to 1.8.0 now (just released) and your existing posts wont have their $ level overwritten with $1 anymore.

I updated the plugin and did a force post sync and everything reverted to $1 again so this problem is not fixed with the new version.

Did the plugin set the existing posts to $1, or did it import new posts with the titles of old ones and set them to $1?

It set all of the existing posts to $1.

Ok, we may need to revisit that patch. Possibly in the next release or the one following that.