Patreon pledge values not updating in wordpress plugin (metabox and page view)

When I first set up my Patreon plugin (free version), I hadn’t finalized my tier values. I changed them since installing and setting up the plugin, and page locks consistently show the wrong (old) tier dollar values. For example, here is what my Patreon page shows as the monthly pledge amount:

But this is what users (who are not pledged at that tier or higher) see on the live site (since I’m a new user, I can only attach one image, so please see the link below for the screenshot):

My page editor metabox also shows the wrong value (for this specific post and all others with a tier $ value that has changed). Ex (see link for image):

I have tried reconnecting, disconnecting and connecting, and clearing Connection Details settings. None of these make a difference. Refreshing tiers in the metabox also does not help. After some digging, I found that the affected variables are %%pledgelevel%% and $patreon_level but I have no idea how to update these.

How do I update my plugin to match what is current on my Patreon account?

If you can update to latest version (1.4.7) of Patreon WordPress, you can just click the refresh button next to tier selection box in post editor and that should pull your tiers in.

I tried updating to the most recent version (1.4.7) before I asked for help. Just now, as a sanity check, I verified I’m on 1.4.7 and tried the refresh button on both a scheduled and live post. It does not work. The tier in the metabox list still shows the wrong value ($15 rather than $18). Is there another way to fix this?

This seems to be a minor bug. The below fix will likely handle it:

If you’d prefer github:

You can just delete your existing Patreon WordPress and upload this fixed package. When 1.4.8 out, you can just update and the fix will be incorporated into it already.

Fix is already out, so you can just upgrade to 1.4.8 alternatively.

Thank you for the quick responses! The fix still did not work for me—none of my incorrect tiers updates. I tried on a live post, a scheduled post, and a brand new (draft) post with the same results. Is there a way to hard code it that will persist through updates?

Can you reconnect your site to Patreon via Patreon Settings -> Reconnect?

All fixed now. I was consistently having trouble reconnecting to Patreon and when I compared the values, they didn’t match what Patreon’s API provided. I manually fixed them in my Wordpress dashboard and the tiers refreshed after that.

I did have to manually edit and fix every post in the wrong tiers, so that was burdensome. Is there an easier way to get them all to update at once, in case I end up changing the tiers in the future?

Thanks for all your help!

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You can lock all posts in your site using Patreon Settings -> lock entire site option.

If you would like more granular control over which post types, categories or tags you would like to lock, you can get Patron Plugin Pro addon (premium). Then in its settings you can use advanced locking methods to lock your content.