Wordpress not showing correct Patreon level

In the drop down when editing the page it is showing “everyone” “all Patreon” and then the basic level I have set in Patreon but the $ amount is wrong.

It’s shows $12.97 which was the original amount I was going to use but I changed it to $11.95. I can’t select that otherwise it will block everyone out that paid the $11.95 which is what it is set at in Patreon.

Any ideas on how to fix?

Try clicking the refresh button next to tiers and see if this will reload your tiers.

within Patreon or Wordpress?

Ah, in your WP site, in post editor, in any of the posts. Its in ‘Patreon Level’ metabox to the right of the tiers.

so I do refresh and it shows Basic $12.95 ($11.95 exact) and then when I refresh/update the page it shows:
To view this content, you must be a member of Nick’s Patreon at $12.97 or more

I can go down to the box below and manually set the $11.95 but I have to remember to do that all the time.
If I leave it at “all patreon” then anyone can see by just doing a $1 pledge (which it what I discovered this morning when someone did that)!

Is your tier named ‘Basic $12.95’?

no just Basic
It was originally set at $12.97 value before I changed it to $11.95 before going live

You can try changing it to another tier, and then change it back.