Tiers info update

I’m using some custom functionality from your plugin - I need to show tiers to my users on the website. But when I update tiers info in patreon account - changes are not reflected on the website.
Because you are storing tiers info in options. I would recommend storing such temporary data in transients with some TTL(eg. 1day) - then tiers will be updated once a day.

and another small thing - you have hardcoded links to your test env :slight_smile:
try searching “http://test.codebard.com/wp-admin/admin.php

Are you trying to update tiers programmatically, or are you trying to update it from WP admin?

If its the latter, you can refresh a post edit page to have the plugin attempt updating the tiers.

In near releases there will be something to force updating tiers with a link to accommodate such situations. Likely this week or next week.

If you are doing it programmatically, Patreon_Wordpress::update_creator_tiers_from_api(); should force updating tiers from the API.

Thanks for reporting the hardcoded link.

I tried from admin panel but i could not understand how to do it :slight_smile: I ended up just disconnecting the website and connecting it again.
Another problem i found - that ‘patreon-installation-api-version’ options was not set after activating plugin and i got error that method not found in patreon_routing.php on line 329. It tried to use API v1 instead v2.
Again - i set this option myself and everything working fine…

Just visiting any post editor page should have done it…

When have you first installed Patreon WordPress plugin?