How to get pledge total now goals are gone

Now that goals are gone I don’t see any way to get the pledge total of our page. I contacted support and they said it’s in the campaign endpoint, but this only seems to include patron_count, but nothing about the amount of money coming in each month.

Am I missing something?

Goals were removed from Patreon. So they are not available in the api anymore. You will need to get the total count of your patrons and total pledges etc, and implement the goal locally.

So there really is no property available that gives me the pledge amount total now goals are removed? I have to cycle through every patron and their pledge to calculate it myself? No total amount? It seemed like it should be there right with the total patron count as both are on the front page of a Patreon page, which is why I thought I was simply missing something.

You should cycle through every patron to calculate the pledge totals just once, and then update it whenever a new patron joins or a patron cancels or updates their pledge.

Since we already have webhooks up for new/updated patrons that seems like a solution that will minimise redundant calls. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

I still hope they’ll add the total to the API in the future though, fingers crossed!

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