AttributeError Python Lib


I’m currently trying to test my application ( ( and it is working (kind of - I didn’t test pledges yet) but with an account, that isn’t the creator account I’m getting:

{‘errors’: [{‘code’: None, ‘code_name’: ‘OAuthClientViewForbidden’, ‘detail’: ‘You do not have permission to view OAuth Client with id fduGAr9ycCkOZZis7zYGtGXDyqWJxfikyq1pCnEL9tlOV3OujksggEwNODFVAxJg.’, ‘id’: ‘ee7e3a76-c281-4b66-830f-d86052408cdd’, ‘status’: ‘403’, ‘title’: ‘You do not have permission to view this OAuth Client.’}]}

As you can see in the repo, I passed the code to get the token, that token is right, but I cannot get anything else with the token.

Hope you can help me, might be a dumb error :frowning:

Thanks, Rxsto

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