OAuthClientViewForbidden for non-creator users

I’m working on a python web server and stumbled on to an issue others here have experienced, but I’m not sure if they’ve found a solution since those threads died.

Basically, after going through the OAuth login page and being redirected to my page, I have the “access_token” but it only works to retrieve user info from the creator (me) and no one else. I stumbled upon this by getting some patrons in my Discord server to test out my web app and got this error in my logs:

{‘errors’: [{‘code’: None, ‘code_name’: ‘OAuthClientViewForbidden’, ‘detail’: ‘You do not have permission to view OAuth Client with id [redacted].’, ‘id’: ‘[redacted]’, ‘status’: ‘403’, ‘title’: ‘You do not have permission to view this OAuth Client.’}]}

I believe I’m following the steps correctly, but I could be missing something key here and would appreciate if someone could help me figure out the issue. Thanks in advance.

API version: 2
Code: Flask python web app - Pastebin.com (It’s a bit messy at the moment)

I’ve managed to fix the issue, needed to downgrade my API version to 1.

Downgrading to v1 is not recommended. When a user logs in to your app via Patreon, you should already have a token with the scopes that you asked for that user. It should be usable to do whatever you need. If its not working as expected, try checking if any lib or anything in your stack interferes with the oauth process.