Audio RSS complications with 2 supporter levels?

Wondering if anyone has seen this issue before or can identify why we’re having a problem.

We have two support levels on Patreon: Major ($7) and Minor ($3).

We were putting out 4 bonus episodes per month as Audio Posts. The first one of each month was for $3 and above (so it went to Minor and Major). The final 3 of the month went only to $7 and above (only to Major).

Minor Supporters had an RSS feed that was being updated once a month with their lone episode. Major supporters received an RSS feed that was getting each weekly episode. (At least that’s how we thought it was working.)

We have since changed our strategy and are just putting out 1 per month for all supporters. I posted the new audio episode this morning and it is only going out to the $7 feed people, even though I have specific that it is a post that should go out to ALL patrons.

anyone see why we could be having this issue?

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