Does this app display the media content from Patreon?

Does this app link to the podcast or youtube content in my Patreon?

All I can get it to do is replicate the text which with no link to the actual content people are paying for.

Do I need the pro version or does that not feature that either?

My site which I’m just redoing (so I hope I can make this work is)

Anyone? Happy to spend the money if the feature is confirmed to me.

Which particular app is that?

I have this same issue. I found a previous discussion on this here: No solution, however. It seems like pretty essential feature to me. I’m presently hosting my content on both Patreon and WordPress separately as a work-around, but I can already foresee the day I run out of space on the latter.

It takes days to reply and thats the response. Makes it so hard to stay enthusiastic about implementing the product and upgrading.

I’m referring to

Oh I was interested in this to stop doubling up on posting places.

Bummer. I see youtube links carry but 80% of my posts are bonus audio.

Audio post support and other post type support are in plans, but they will take a few months to implement. So until that point you need to work around this somehow.