Patreon Audio Not sync

I want to sync my audio along with featured images but only the title and content are sync and my podcast and featured images not syncing

Patreon api does not yet support attachments or featured images. So this has to be done manually by you when you sync such posts.

The same goes for podcasts?

Yes, they are audio files after all. Unless you are linking from somewhere else instead of uploading the podcast to Patreon.

Hi I am having this error please let me know how I resolve this issue
When I click post sync whole page shows me this error and when I click Patreon settings only above screen shot I show me like that. I am also using pro version same issue please let me know how i resolve this issue

It seems while loading the settings page some error is happening server-side. You can get that exact error from your server logs. If you cant access them, you can contact your host and ask them to get them for you.

Getting this error on setting page
ho to resolve this issue

It looks like there arent any post categories in your WP site? Is that so?

In that case, just add a category (any) for posts and check if that fixes the problem.

Thanks this fix the issue

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