Audio not imported with sync


I’ve just installed the plugin and attempted to sync my posts from Patreon. It mostly seems to be working but with audio posts, it only imports the text and not the audio. It doesn’t import any images either but that is less of an issue as I can manually add those, which I cannot with the audio.

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Since api still does not return enough info for audio posts and also attachments, we are not able to import them in full. In future if the api starts providing that information, this will be possible.

As a podcaster, and with mainly audio bonus content which is solely hosted on Patreon, is there a way to circumvent the sync and add the audio manually?

I’ve tried manually adding the link to the page and the audio file in wordpress by making it an ‘audio’ post but neither of those worked.

You could add the file to the post as an attachment or embed it directly from media library inside the post and that should work normally. But you would need to turn off ‘update’ option for posts since if you do another full sync or update that post at Patreon, then it would overwrite the existing post at WP.

Basically you can experiment and see if there is a format which could work best for you. And if you strongly feel that this feature is a must for you, you can definitely raise it at community forum as a feature request at relevant section:

As the audio is hosted only at Patreon, I’d rather not re-host it again on my site (especially as it will be a big drain on my bandwidth). I’m surprised it hasn’t come up before as it is pretty much essential for a podcaster. Ideally, it should embed the Patreon audio player in the wordpress page.

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