Just tittles, nothing inside

Hi! I found this place amazing! Thank you for your hard work. :clap:

I connected my site with patreon several days ago, since then I just can see the tittles of the posts, but there is no content inside. I reconnected Patreon, and receives the info, but again, just the tittle.

Could you please help me with this?

WP 5.6 with PHP 7.3.26
Patreon WordPress 1.7.0 with API v2

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Are these image posts? What type of Patreon posts are they?

No, there are audio, video embeded, text, links etc… There are only a few images

Then these are text posts, in which audio, video are embedded?

Well, almost everything is audio that I uploaded to patreon, and video embeded from youtube.

Right. Audio files are attachments and api is not returning them yet, so they will not get synced yet. For now you will need to add them manually to WP. Embedded videos should come - are they not appearing at all?

I have a similar problem working with the API, the posts endpoint is not returning most of non text data: polls, images, and as you mentioned audio. I think the most surprising one is images, I have images posts, and I cannot get that data from the API. Any idea if they’ll ever be supported?

Yes there are plans to support them, but there isnt a timeline on when they may be implemented.