Plugin doesn't make all post audio content inaccessible


I just started using the plugin and I noticed that my post’s audio content isn’t blocked. While most posts probably have their audio file in the body, the theme in wordpress that I am using is Bolden by Secondline and I chose their theme specifically so that my podcast audio file would display in the header with a backround image behind the player.

So when I select a dollar amount for the post to be locked, it does but only the content beneath the header, therefore anyone wanting to play the Patreon-exclusive content would still be able to listen to the podcast. Might there be a setting that would allow me to fix this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

I believe this is the same situation you described in the ticked you posted at CodeBard.

If its ok, please arrange me an admin user/pass (new) and mail it to me at and i will log in and check the situation on-site.

Also let me know if its ok if i modify the code.


Did the email get through. Let me know if you are able to login to the site.


Yes, im in, thanks. Ill be looking into this today.