Locked Content being displayed by Google

I’m working with a band on their website and they have a Patreon-locked podcast and Google is displaying their content.

If you click source and go to the actual page, it’s locked, but the content is still available through Google.

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Files cannot be locked by the plugin at this moment. It is a potential feature that may come in near future, but i cant say exactly when.

Are you a dev for this plugin?

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Yep, that’s correct.


Hey there,

One simple hack to solve this could be by removing these pages from Google’s Index. You can use a tool inside your Google Webmasters console to unlist gated pages. Also, make sure the sitemap.xml doesn’t include these gated pages.

It would be nice if I didn’t have to go into Google and remove pages which does actually take time on Google’s side to do.

If the plugin worked like a password protected page and auto-logged a subscriber into the page, that would actually solve the problem.

patreon_protect.php class in the plugin does the image file locking. The code that does that also is capable of locking any file with proper modifications. If you are technical, you can modify the code to suit your purposes until that feature is released. Better to do it via hooks/filters or avoid updating the plugin until that feature is released though.

I’ll give it a shot. Is there an estimated timeframe for that feature to be included or is it still up in the air as of now?

A few months or so, without guaranteeing anything.

Understood, thank you.

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