Blocked from OAuth2 API - (due to ports within the Patreon Client's Callback URI string)

I have set up a Client API key to allow my website to use OAuth2 to detect the pledge level of my patreons. It was working for ages, but recently I have had issues with users seeing an error message stating that they have been blocked (a message “Security provided by Sqreen”).

However, none of the users are blocked… I went to my Clients & API keys page and realised that I am unable to edit an existing client, nor can I create a new one. Doing so shows the error message “We had some trouble creating this client”.

My only thought is that for some reason my own account (VRGamer) has been blocked from OAuth2, but I have no idea why or how to fix this issue. Please can someone help me - I don’t even know who to ask for help? Thanks

Ok - So I found what the issue is.

It seems that when creating a client, the list of redirect URIs can no longer contain a port.

Any existing clients that had callback URIs that contained a port will no longer work and all users will simply be told that they are blocked when attempting to use the API.

This must be a very recent change and I’m glad that I got to the bottom of it as although it isn’t ideal, I can now create a fix.

Are there any plans to allow ports again in the callback URIs in the near future? Thanks.

This was fixed just a few minutes ago. You can retry.