Can the redirect URI be an IP, or does it have to be a website?

I’m developing a Discord bot, and I want to offer premium features for patrons. The Discord bot has an IP, but no web address. Can I use the IP as redirect URI, or do I need get a web address for the bot just for the redirect URI?

If you add a protocol in front, i think you should be able to. But you have to try and see if it works.

You can’t have an SSL certificate on an IP address, which means that it’s either going to be http (which would be a very bad idea for OAuth from a security standpoint, especially in this day and age), or you’ll need to register a domain so you can set up an SSL certificate to use the more secure https protocol.

You should be able to have a ssl cert on an ip address. It depends on your stack.

I set it to an ip and it works just fine. I don’t know if my stack has an ssl certificate

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