Clarification on how to know if a patreon was charged (with instant payment)

Hi, I have a campaign that uses instant payment whenever an user subscribes.
My product is a website that has different tiers linked to their own benefits and I’m using webhooks to modify data on my backend.

Now that a new month arrived, and can test everything that i’ve been working until now, I have 2 questions:

  1. EDIT: I received the webhook. Around 12 hours after the user was billed. Could be better (instant when user is billed) but at least this is working fine! I didn’t receive any webhook for a patreon that was billed. I can see the patreon (and tested it myself with another account) that was charged today (November 1st) but since I didn’t receive a webhook (was expecting members:update trigger) I can’t modify data on my backend and offer benefits for 1 more month.

  2. Is the patreon bot removing roles? A patreon that paid for previous month (but canceled) still has their supporter role. Patreon bot didn’t remove it. Nothing changed and the bot still has permissions to modify them. Is this something that will happen anytime soon?
    This looks to be an old issue, according to this:

Thanks in advance

For Patreon bot to remove discord roles, you must turn on a setting in your creator settings at as far as i know.

I checked all settings and there wasn’t anything related to it. All I can change is the tier itself (configuring to give X role) and connect discord in tab (which is connected, nothing else to set).

According to these docs

When a new or existing patron links their Discord account, we’ll automatically assign them the role(s) you assigned to their tier. If a patron deletes their pledge or their payment declines, we’ll remove the role(s) from their Discord account for you.

Do you know where this settings is? Thanks

Check out creator settings in your page.

There is no option to enable this in creator settings at all, or any other patreon page for that matter.

Might be a question for patreon support then:

There’s an “Email Patreon Support” at the bottom of the page.

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Yes, contacting Patreon support may be a good route to handle this.