Discord reward roles never removed when payment is declined


When Discord roles are enabled as rewards, the users can submit a pledge on your Patreon, then subsequently fail to pay (remove money from their payment method, don’t allow the payment to be processed, …) and they will keep their Discord roles.

Is there anything we can do to stop this abuse?

The only route I’m looking at so far is to query Patreon’s API to get a list of all failed payments, retrieving the Discord ID from the API and removing them myself with a custom bot.

Edit: I wrote the bot to detect the users with Discord roles and declined payments, there are several. And I’ve found at least one user who doesn’t have an active pledge, yet still has his Discord role. What?


I hate that I have to give this answer, but yes, you are totally correct that at the moment, pledge declines don’t remove patrons from Discord properly. It is something that we are aware of, and I’m pushing for it to get done as soon as possible.

If you PM me your user id, I can look into the users without pledges who have Discord roles.


I’m having the same problem. Declined payments aren’t getting the user removed from my discord server.