Client error: `POST` resulted in a `403 Forbidden`

I am not sure what has changed or if its something I have done. I have created new API keys but I am still getting forbidden when I try to login with the API.

I am using Laravel Socialite with Patreon provider.

When a user logins on my site. It uses this to create the authorization url to redirect back with the code.

public function redirectToProvider($provider)
            return Socialite::driver($provider)

Once it redirects back, it should work with this like it did about a month ago.

    public function handleProviderCallback($provider)
            $puser = Socialite::driver($provider)->user();

I am not sure what has changed. When I tried using guzzle to do a post to the API, I got the same results. I am starting to get at my wits end on what I could be doing wrong.

Thank you in advance.