Creator personal access tokens expire too soon


Great work on the API! I found it very useful for integrating my Patreon campaign with software elsewhere. For users like me, I imagine that integrations with Patreon are to the degree with which a full-blown OAuth application is unnecessary, but are rather more along the lines of wiring up simple scripts to accomplish some goals. In my case, I’m showing my Patreon income on a page that composites donations from many sources. For this and similar use-cases, personal access tokens are well-suited, but the expiration time is unclear and frustrating. Making these tokens expire in the first place is a great idea, but it should be set further in the future, perhaps 6 months or a year.

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Hey SirCmpwn,
Thanks for the feedback, glad you’re enjoying the API. The expiration time frame is something we have thought a lot about as well. We will likely experiment with various lengths soon.
Stay tuned,

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