Needs help finding api keys

I need help finding my PatreonAccessToken.

You don’t have a single access token, rather each OAuth client you create has a Creator Access Token which is a token that you can use to access your account via the API — without going through the OAuth flow. You’ll need to create an OAuth client, which you can do like so:

  1. Log in to your Patreon account — you’ll need to be a creator, but if you’re a developer you can create an unpublished campaign to develop against
  2. Visit the Developer Portal (via “Developers” in the Patreon footer, then click “View Developer Portal”)
  3. Click the “Clients & API Keys” button at the top right
  4. Click “Create Client” and fill out the form — you can enter fake information for redirect_uri if you’re not planning to use the OAuth process (e.g:
  5. After you’ve created your client click the little down arrow at the top right of the client in the list and that will present the keys, Creator's Access Token is the token you’re looking for.

You should be mindful that Creator Access Tokens do expire, so you’ll have to manually update any integration unless you make use of the refresh token to do it automatically.