Where actually can I find my api KEY


I can’t believe I’m failing at the first hurdle here :slight_smile:
I go to the Patreon Development platform web page, and I have clicked on the create a new client button. Filled out the details, and then clicked on create. I can see the name of my app and that it is using v2. But I can’t actually find the api keys… Anywhere!

Am I missing something?

Sorry if it is obvious, I am using a screen reader, so maybe there’s a waving monkey somewhere I’m not seeing!


Just click the details of the listed app you have in the below page:

There arent specific ‘api keys’. There is the client of your app. Then there is the creator access token, the actual thing that allows your app to access your campaign and member details. Refresh token is used to refresh that token when the time comes.

Hi There,

Thanks for your reply. That’s the exact page I am looking at. Perhaps I am having accessibility issues here.I see no details button of any kind and pressing enter on the app names does little.

You cant see the tiny downward arrow icon among the 3 icons to the right of an app listing?

If it is there, my screen reader is not picking up on it. I’ll try get some sighted assistance as this seems to be an accessibility road block :slight_smile: Thanks for your help.

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Just to close this out. Yes, I needed visual help on this. Required a double click with the mouse on the app name, enter key was not cutting it.

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