Creator tokens vs. WP Plugin

After a day of using Patreon WP Plugin, I realized that Creator’s Access Token and Creator’s Refresh Token are changing all the time, sometimes hourly.

It has to be updated manually in the Patreon WP Plugin settings page, otherwise it makes 10-12seconds delay on every pageload, that makes website practically unusable.

Is there any way to fix the Creator’s Access Token and Creator’s Refresh Token of continous change, or make Patreon WP Plugin to update these automatically?


I’ve noticed something similar—one of my websites in a multi-site setup frequently fails to refresh the token and has to be refreshed manually, while the other renews automatically with no interaction.

When you log in as a Patreon user through OAuth the Access Token and Refresh Token for you for that client are refreshed, and since your Creator's Access Token and Creator's Refresh Token are just standard tokens for that client the old tokens (what you’ve configured in your control panel) are no longer valid. Therefore, you must not log in to your Patreon OAuth integrated website with the Patreon creator’s account of the OAuth client, because it will refresh the tokens.

If you want to test your website that uses Patreon OAuth then you should create a new Patreon account specifically for testing – which is beneficial anyway, since a creator cannot be a patron of a campaign, so by logging in with your creator account you’re not accurately testing the experience of your patrons.

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That explains it. Thanks for the clarification!

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