Creator Access Token refresh automatically after dozens of requests

I can’t guess at all when the creator access token will be refreshed, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a few hours.
The creator refresh token would be refreshing too. So I have no way to automatically get the new tokens from my application.

— Update: 2019-04-08 —
I found the reason is that my creator account logged in via oauth2 will refresh the creator token, causing the token in my application to be invalid.
There is an urgent need for a way to generate a creator token that will not expire or be refreshed.

Hi @Plutonist,

Thanks for your feedback! In this case I’d recommend creating a client, copying the creator access token, and not logging in with oAuth against that client to prevent refresh. This will keep the token from automatically expiring.

You can learn more here:

Hope that helps.

greetings patreon
my problem is that i can’t withdraw my balance because it says “Your creator balance is on hold while our Trust & Safety team review your account”
there is nothing suspicious about my account and it was just me using it all that time
can someone help me ?