Creator tokens still expiring?

Hi there,

This has been brought up again and again in the past, but bringing it up once more because squeaky wheel gets the grease (or possibly the nail that sticks up gets hammered)

But I’ve built an application that uses my creator’s token to get campaign info. If I log in or out of my app with the id associated with my client, the creator’s token and refresh token changes.

Where are we on getting permanent creator’s token for API access? Requesting a refresh doesn’t work because the refresh token also changes, which kind of destroys the idea for a programmatic refresh. And before you say “Well, don’t log out and it won’t happen”, that’s not an answer either.


Thanks for bringing this up again. The unexpected expiry is something we are watching.

Some info would help: Which particular app? How is the login process involved with that app?

I’m using an app called GamesV2 (Client ID starts with KtdtSJobLZ) process is as follows:

I start logged in as myself. I then log out and log in again as my test user. When I log out of that account and log back into the main account, the creator token refreshes.

It’s not always consistent, I’ve done a lot of switching back and forth between accounts, but it has happened several times in the last five days.

You start logged in as yourself (creator account) to Patreon, while doing auth flow at Patreon to connect your app? Or as a user in your app to connect Patreon to your app as a user?

Start as Creator, doing the OAuth flow. Then logging out by destroying (unset the cookie) my OAuth access token (Not creator token) locally.

Then log in as test user via the OAuth flow. Then log out again (unset cookie containing access token)

Then log back in as Creator, also using OAuth. At that point the creator token refreshed.

This is intermittent, as I’ve now been using it for several days switching between accounts and have not had it change on me. So, I can’t say if the switching between accounts was responsible for the token changing. However, that first day, the token refreshed twice. Admittedly, it was during this time I was writing code that did a lot of API work, so it’s possible that the cause came from that.