Current_user only works for creator, other users return error 403

I am working on my website where I need to see the id, username and the pledges to me using patreon

I use simple-oauth2 and axios for most of my work

I use this code to generate a authorization code:

  const client = new oauth2.AuthorizationCode({
      client: {
          secret: Settings.oauth.secret
      auth: {
          tokenHost: '',
          authorizePath: '/oauth2/authorize',
          tokenPath: '/api/oauth2/token'

  const authorizationUri = client.authorizeURL({
      redirect_uri: '',

And this code to get the username, id, and relationships:

      axios.get("", {headers: {
          Authorization: `Bearer ${access_token}`
      }}).then((data) => {
      }).catch((err) => {
          let accessToken = client.createToken(req.session.patreon.request)

          accessToken.revoke('access_token').catch((err) => {});
          accessToken.revoke('refresh_token').catch((err) => {});
          req.session.patreon = undefined


When I do it on my creator account everything works fine, but for all other accounts it returns error 403.

Now Ive gotten it to work (I had to add these scopes: “my-campaign pledges-to-me users”)

but I get the pledge list this way:

But every item in there returns {id: someID, type: “pledge”}
How can I get the money in dollars?

current_user is api v1 and its deprecated. Do avoid using that. The new endpoint that you want is /identity