Pledges only include type and id, no attributes

I am getting the pledges using this way:

        axios.get("", {headers: {
            Authorization: `Bearer ${access_token}`
        }}).then((data) => {
        }).catch((err) => {
            let accessToken = client.createToken(req.session.patreon.request)

            accessToken.revoke('access_token').catch((err) => {});
            accessToken.revoke('refresh_token').catch((err) => {});
            req.session.patreon = undefined


And making the authorization url this way:

    const client = new oauth2.AuthorizationCode({
        client: {
            secret: Settings.oauth.secret
        auth: {
            tokenHost: '',
            authorizeHost: '',
            authorizePath: '/oauth2/authorize',
            tokenPath: '/api/oauth2/token'

    const authorizationUri = client.authorizeURL({
        redirect_uri: '',
        scope: "my-campaign pledges-to-me users"

And when reading each pledge is { id:'a_ID, type: 'pledge' } but there is no attribute key to give me the money sent

Again, use the /identity point that is v2 instead of current_user that is v1. Also use v2 clients and v2 tokens.

Is there any tutorial or good documentation for it? The official one doesn’t say anything, I had to spend days talking with one of my subscribers to learn how to use the V1 API since everything is written so badly is the documentation. Do avoid using anything in v1.

There isn’t anything clear about pledges for V2 in the documentation, which is why I’m asking here.

By my own experimentation I did find something decent for the V1 API though.

The documentation is very poorly made however, it should get a rewrite.

Its the same with all the includes and relations etc: Request the pledge resource as a relation and specifically request the fields as well. This way you can get the pledges of a member while you are calling the /campaign/XX/members. Refer to the section about relations and fields for examples.