Currently_entitled_tiers missing

When I’m triggering webhook tests from my dashboard, I’m noticing that currently_entitled_tiers is missing from data.attributes. Is this normal? Do you guys simulate a payload, or just send a payload representing my development user? Does the key appear for regular users?

i’m also interested in this issue…
Any response ?

I’ve no experience with the webhooks, but looking at the API docs, it doesn’t appear that currently_entitled_tiers appears as part of the attributes sub-array of data. Instead it appears under the relationships array of the data array. So it’d be data.relationships.currenty_entitled_tiers, respective to whatever language you’re using to process the webhook.

Generally, from what I’ve seen the version2 API, is that if an array is missing entirely, it’s because there’s nothing to display.

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currently_entitled_tiers may not be a field which is reflected in webhooks, that is possible.

You could use the webhook’s call to make a call to Patreon api to get whatever info related to that particular patron or pledge, including currently_entitled_tiers of that particular patron.