Help with webhook data not matching the API docs!

Ok, so I’m a little frustrated and confused. This may be a normal state for me, but I’m hoping in this case someone can help clear things up for me.

The documentation for webhooks gives an example json document. However, when running tests I don’t get a document with the same structure! The part of the structure I care about is this:


However, the test data I get back does NOT include patron or reward! In fact, the Create Member test and the Create Member Pledge test seem to send identical information!

Ultimately my goal is as follows:

  1. When a new or updated pledge comes in, either create an account on my app or update their features.
  2. If an update includes a change to their subscription level, change their account.
  3. if a member is deleted, revert that user back down to the free account.

The data that comes in only includes campaign and user data in the relationships (and a blank address). The “Included” property has the campaign, a user, and a list of all the reward levels… but no relationship between any of them.