Is there webhook format documentation?

I’m trying to integrate Patreon into my website with webhooks so when a user pledges, they get an automatic email that lets them unlock special features.

I’ve looked over the test data sent to my website and at the documents on the Patreon docs page, but the two differ tremendously. For example data.attributes contains full_name, but the documentation doesn’t mention that. The data.included bit in the docs is empty too. I’m worried that I can do as much testing I like, but a field I intend to use will differ from call to call and I’ll miss out on something important, which isn’t a good look when people are paying you for access to a special part of a website.

So is there better documentation for the webhooks? Preferably one that lists what will be present, and what might be present in any given webhook call?

Anyone have any more information about what data is present and what isn’t in a webhook?

This is stopping me from offering a patreon perk on my website (SMS alerts) so I’d like to have it sorted out sooner rather than later.

Hi !

I didn’t found so much doc neither. However, i found some tests written by other librairies for integration with Patreon. It can maybe give you a clue about the kind of data posted.
Example :

Hopefully this helps.
It would be good to get more documentation from the technical guys at Patreon !


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