Detect when patron links their Discord

As it is now, if a user pledges to you and doesn’t have their Discord account linked, you’ll get the pledge create webhook event. But you don’t get another event when they choose to link their discord after pledging.

So, what is the best way to detect when a Patron links their Discord account to their Patreon account? I’m thinking of just polling every 1-2 hours to check for users who have linked their Discord. I can’t think of any other way to go about it, besides maybe asking my users to re-pledge so that I get the webhook event with their discord account data attached.

Hey @thewsomeguy,

Nick here from the Patreon platform team.

Right now, what you suggested would be the best approach. Polling at a set cadence and checking to see if there’s a value for the Discord identity in the responses.

We are looking at improving this via webhooks in the future.