Discord Social information missing [Help]

It seems today any API calls to Patreon would render the Social field of Discord ‘null’ or ‘undefined’, as if Patreon didn’t gave access anymore to those information or if there is an issue in the backend. I wanted to know if that’s normal or not, and if so, why I don’t have access to Socials information anymore about Discord? Thank you.


This was addressed at the end of last week. You shouldnt be having this issue at this moment.

+1, I am still having this issue

I started having this issue as well yesterday sometime, all my Discord bots are broken…

Also getting this issue from the past few days, when looking at the following api call:


All social connections are missing:

+1, started having this issue a couple weeks ago and it is still occurring today. Please fix this, it’s breaking everything :pray:

+1, also having the same issue.
Some socials are in there for some reason. However, 99% of them are simply missing.

It does not seem fixed.
Just subscribed with a test account and linked my discord to it.
And it resulted in getting a null on the social_connections.discord field.

You are using v1 endpoints. Update your code to use v2 endpoints.

Same - make sure you are using v2 endpoints.

You too - make sure that you are not using v1 endpoints but v2 instead.

My bad, thought i was using a v2 endpoint turns out i was using V1. Sorry!

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Anyone who still has problems with this:

1 - Make sure you connected your Discord to your Patreon per this guide and you have Discord benefits assigned to the relevant tiers.

2 - Use a v2 client with your v2 creator access token to call either the v2 endpoint /campaigns/XX/members (xx is your campaign id) and request the user resource as a relation like “include=user…” and also specifically request the social connections field from the user resource like “…fields[user]=social_connections…” (you need to urlencode the brackets). This should give you the user’s Discord social connection if the user is a member of your campaign from a tier with a Discord benefit

3 - Or if you are using user access tokens instead, make sure you have the correct scopes (identity, memberships) and make a similar call to /identity while requesting the social connections in the includes. An exact example of this is here.