"REWARDS" field suddenly missing from returned query - Rewards not working for any users!

Hi, I have written a app that that requires Patreon subscription to use.

Suddenly today my users report reward status is None, I looked into the issue an reasided the returned JSON no longer contains the “reward” field and “pledges” are empty.

I have no idea what happened, Did Discord change the API without warning??

I am using API V1

Please someone help me understand why the returnd queries suddenly no longer contain Reward information!!! I am losing patrons every hour!!

This is the URL I was using:

I read the API documentation and now use the URL: https://www.patreon.com/api/oauth2/api/current_user?fields[relationships]=rewards,pledges

The returned data is still missing the REWARDS column:

Please what can I do, I just lost another patron since last posting, my entire community is not able to use my apps, and I am losing support more than ever before.

What changed? This was all working last week and I did not change my app in any way.

Please someone help me!!

Moving your app to api v2 is the best course at this point. The features and functionality of api v1 are not guaranteed, and any usage of api v1 + v2 endpoints, tokens and clients in a mixed manner would cause issues.

I’m not sure how to. I looked at the documentation and couldn’t find a clear explination how to know the Reward field for a given user using API V2.

When I used API V2 it returned many pages of data for each query, I could see the reward descriptions, but nowhere in the returned data did I see a clearly marked field for the current reward.

If someone could help me create a query to return just the current Reward field for a given user using oauth that would be a life saver game changer,

Currently I am losing Patrons and having to issue refunds just to avoid humiliation. I am desperatly looking for a way to offer a stable subscription model for my app, and so far I found very little success using Patreon API V2, where V1 was super simple and exactly what I was looking for.

Please can someone help me create a query quickly so I can avoid more lost patrons ??

If you are having users log in, call the identity endpoint and include the relevant membership details.

It should return the currently entitled rewards.

In case you are paginating member, do the equivalent for a member resource by including the related fields.

Always iterate the memberships or rewards if they are more than one and find the one that matches your campaign to make sure that you will process only your campaign’s rewards or memberships.

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I really don’t understand what is posted, is that a example of a URI or something else? I am using C# but this script looks like java,

How do I send a request for V2 data like: https://www.patreon.com/api/oauth2/api/current_user?fields[relationships]=rewards,pledges

I keep losing patrons because they are subscribing but then reporting they have no rewards. What can I do my app is ruined because of the unreliable rewards. Please help!!

How do I find the Tier Title?? After spending over 5 hours reading about the the API V2 I have no idea how to find the Tier Title , All I see are Teir IDS and I have no idea what ID is for what Teir.

How do I fix this? Why is API V2 missing so much important data than V1?

Like I mentioned in your other post, you can find your tier ids etc by querying the /campaign endpoint. And other queries below can help you:

Basically if you want to get a user’s details with the user’s token, you can use the below call: