Hey all, I’m seeing currently_entitled_rewards in the incoming webhooks. Seems to be the most useful tidbit of data returned. Unfortunately, when I poll the API (, that value doesn’t appear to be present.

I’m trying to introduce consistent routines in my system without having to do too many queries to the patreon API just to get the list of currently-active rewards for a patron.

Any advice?

Hi there,

Member has a value on it called “currently_entitled_tiers” that has the data you’re looking for. It’s a known issue that the field is inconsistently named “currently_entitled_rewards” in webhooks, and we’ll be updating it soon. If you have the member id from the webhook, you can use our v2 API to request /api/oauth2/v2/members/{member_id}?include=currently_entitled_tiers&fields[tier]={list of fields you would like to see from the tiers}, see our doc for more info: