Access currently_entitled_tiers using identity scope

When a user links their Patreon and I get an OAuth token for them, I can use the /api/oauth2/v2/identity endpoint to access limited information about their pledge to my campaign, such as “currently_entitled_amount_cents”. However, in order to get “currently_entitled_tiers”, which is available via /api/oauth2/v2/members, I have to use my own personal OAuth token.

I would like there to be a way to get “currently_entitled_tiers” by either including it in the /api/oauth2/v2/identity endpoint, or by allowing the identity scope to allow access to /api/oauth2/v2/members but only for the current campaign.

I figured out how to do it: add “memberships.currently_entitled_tiers” to the include:,memberships.currently_entitled_tiers