API V2: How to access tiers of user memberships with only identity scope

The API offers the following helpful exception for fetching membership data without requiring the identity.memberships scope:

  • If you request memberships and DON’T have the identity.memberships scope, you will receive data about the user’s membership to your campaign. If you DO have the scope, you will receive data about all of the user’s memberships, to all the campaigns they’re members of.

This works totally fine, I can recieve data like currently_entitled_amount_cents with the following call:
GET https://www.patreon.com/api/oauth2/v2/identity?include=memberships&fields[member]=currently_entitled_amount_cents

However, the data I’m after is the user’s entitled tiers. I can query for a specific membership’s tiers like so:
GET https://www.patreon.com/api/oauth2/v2/members/{MEMBERSHIP_ID}?include=currently_entitled_tiers&fields%5Btier%5D=title&fields%5Buser%5D=full_name,hide_pledges

But this seems to require the identity.memberships scope which I’d prefer not to ask for (I have no need to see memberships to other campaigns, just my campaign.)

Is there any way to get this data without requiring the full identity.memberships scope?

How about trying identity?include=memberships.currently_entitled_tiers …

Brilliant, that did the job, thanks!

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