How to get tiers of my patrons

I am able to get patrons by calling this url but in the response I see only ids of users and ids of tiers
curl -X GET<my_campaign_id>/members?include=currently_entitled_tiers -H 'Authorization: Bearer <mysecret>'


When I try to get list of my tiers with names, I still get just IDs without names

curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer <mysecret>'

can you give me any hint how to get some useful list where I can match if user is member of some tier ?

Hey there! Currently, there’s no easy way to get all the members of a tier. We recommend fetching all the members for a campaign, then filtering in code down to just the members you want.

thanks but how exactly achieve it?
it looks every time I request some nested value, I still get just IDs
for example if I run campaigns?include=tiers&fields[tier]=title I dont get any tier names
can you please point me what am I doing wrong?

ok I finally found it, maybe this will help somebody else<campaign_id>/members?include=currently_entitled_tiers&fields[tier]=title&fields[member]=email

this url gets all patrons for the campaign with their tier IDs and also tiers with their names