Endless Loop Patreon Wordpress

I’ve spent the last 3 hours searching a solution. I have reset the connection, removed the wordpress plugin and added back in. I’ve deleted the API details in wordpress plugin and saved and reconnected. I’m hoping this is a simple issue as I have minimal experience. All users are getting endless loop on my website when trying to unlock with Patreon. I created a test account and also am getting the endless loop. Can you please advise solution?

  1. “Unlock with Patreon Button” ← click it
  2. “allow”
  3. Returns to page and still has Patreon lock.

This may be a caching issue, as it commonly is. A caching plugin or your host’s caching system (opcache etc) may be caching your page partially or entirely.

First you can try turning all plugins off and leaving only PW, and checking if there is any loop. Then you can enable plugins one by one to see which one changes the situation.

If plugins do not provide any clue, you can contact your host about any caching system at the web server by explaining the situation.

Also, features like ‘Always on’ at Cloudflare can also occasionally cause this.

Was on EasyWP with Namecheap. Moved to shared hosting with Namecheap and the problem is solved. Thank you for the response.


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Ah yeah, EasyWP probably had some kind of caching scheme. If im not mistaken it has been an issue in another earlier case too.