Get client without logo and domain name?

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the Patreon API to generate an RSS Feed of a creators’ public content for my personal use. I have the code ready-to-go and all I need now is a client ID. Unfortunately, I figure out how to register for a client ID without providing a domain for my project, a privacy policy, terms of service, a redirect URL, and an icon!

This all seems like serious overkill for my one time use. Is there any way I can get a client ID without this information? Or is my use case just not encouraged by the Patreon API?

Thanks! Sasha

The thing is, even before that, the creator must connect your integration (that doesn’t exist yet) and give you permission to allow you to pull their api-fetchable data by going through the oauth flow for your app (that doesn’t even exist yet).