Get Pledge History of Inactive Member

Using apiv2, I’m trying to list which months I was subscribed to x campaign, where the campaign is one I used to be subscribed too but I am no longer subscribed to. What’s the correct way to go about this?

Are you trying to see which campaigns were you subscribed to as a patron?

I’m trying to get an idea of precisely which months I was subscribed to a specific campaign. So, if I was subscribed to a campaign for October and December for example, I’d like to see that in the data (or calculate it).

Check if such info is available via identity endpoint:

Your token must have needed scopes for your account, you must request them while authorizing. Even with that, some information may not be available to you (like details of other campaigns).

I tried this before. It seems like it will only return membership today (presumably including history) if the user is currently a member when making the request. This is just a guess though that I inferred from receiving empty arrays as my value.

I’m looking to get a users history regardless of whether they are currently active or not.

You can try including pledge history as a relationship.