GitHub - Patreon Integration

Hi! New to the group.

As a creator, I would like to make my private GitHub repositories available to my Patreons so that they can have exclusive access to my code and code enhancements.

I would like to automate adding and removing users from my GitHub repos based on their Patreon subscription.

Before I go off and develop this myself…

Has this already been done?


I don’t know of any maintained library or integration that does this so that you could just clone and get going. I think it would be better if you coded your own integration. Basically you will need to call the Patreon api to confirm the patronage status of any user. They may need to link both their github and Patreon accounts to an intermediary app of your own. You can easily and cheaply launch such an app at any standard web hosting provider using the official PHP lib. Or you could adopt the logic in the PHP lib to your own stack.

Thanks for the response!

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