Help! Last charge date fetched is not payment for my patreon page

$patreon_data = array(
                            "patreon_id" => $current_member["data"]["id"],
                            "full_name" => $current_member["data"]["attributes"]["full_name"],
                            "image_url" => $current_member["data"]["attributes"]["image_url"],
                            "is_email_verified" => (int) $current_member["data"]["attributes"]["is_email_verified"],
                            "email" => $current_member["data"]["attributes"]["email"],
                            "membership_id" => $current_member["data"]["relationships"]["memberships"]["data"][0]["id"],
                            "last_charge_date" => $current_member["included"][0]["attributes"]["last_charge_date"],
                            "last_charge_status" => $current_member["included"][0]["attributes"]["last_charge_status"],
                            "patron_status" => $current_member["included"][0]["attributes"]["patron_status"],
                            "tier_type" => $current_member["included"][1]["attributes"]["title"],

I’m using patreon php framework. i was trying to fetch last charge date and payment for my patreon page with above script. member data is successfully fetched but the last payment date and status are not for my patreon page.

What is the proper way to fetch data for my patreon page only?

Are you actually requesting that field in the fields list in the call?