[PHP] Help! Member Payment Info Fetched Doesn't Belong To My Patreon Page

I’m using patreon php framework. I was trying to fetch user last payment date and status , member data was successfully fetched but the payment detail did not belong to my patreaon page.

What is the correct way to get the payment data for my Patrean page? The following is my code .

 $patreon_data = array(
                            "patreon_id" => $current_member["data"]["id"],
                            "full_name" => $current_member["data"]["attributes"]["full_name"],
                            "image_url" => $current_member["data"]["attributes"]["image_url"],
                            "is_email_verified" => (int) $current_member["data"]["attributes"]["is_email_verified"],
                            "email" => $current_member["data"]["attributes"]["email"],
                            "membership_id" => $current_member["data"]["relationships"]["memberships"]["data"][0]["id"],
                            "last_charge_date" => $current_member["included"][0]["attributes"]["last_charge_date"],
                            "last_charge_status" => $current_member["included"][0]["attributes"]["last_charge_status"],
                            "patron_status" => $current_member["included"][0]["attributes"]["patron_status"],
                            "tier_type" => $current_member["included"][1]["attributes"]["title"],

If you have gotten your users to authorize memberships scope, then you would get all the memberships of the user and not only your own. You would have to match the campaign from among dat data to your own campaign first.

If you just want to get your own campaign’s memberships, just use your creator’s access token.