How to fetch all patronage-data via the API with PHP

Hi folks!

I need to fetch all Patreon patronage-data as JSON, just like the patronage.csv that can be donwloaded in the backend. As far as i can see, the API supports requests for single patrons, but is there also a way to get all patrons from one single request?

Thank you in advance!



You can try using the includes mentioned in the details for members call to see whether it will return the info you need.

Great, will check this out. Thank you !!!

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Hi! For me it returns only like 20 records, while I have many more in the CSV export. Any idea why?

You would probably need to do pagination.

Using page[size] instead of count.

Can you share that snippet here… I am a noob and would like to do the same. But I am sort of lost in where to put the authentication etc.

Thanks so much

I just copied a function from this one:

and made an “$api_return = $this->__get_json(…)” with the API endpoint from the docs.
I don’t have it now, cause I removed it when it couldn’t produce reasonable results :confused:

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